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Layers of Art - A művészet rétegződései - Le Latitudini dell'arte

Curators: Márta Simonffy, Viana Conti, Virginia Monteverde

Presentation by Viana Conti and Miklos Sulyok, with Prof. Em Fekete György, president of the Hungarian Academy of Arts

Exhibition: 10 August – 8 October 2017, daily from 10:00 to 19:00

Opening: Wednesday 9 August 2017, 17:00

Location: Pesti Vigado - Vigado Gallery, Vigado Concert Hall (6th floor), Vigado Square 2, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Organizer: Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists

The exhibition is sponsored by the Hungarian Academy of Arts

Amongst the thirty Italian exhibiting artists we are pleased to highlight the presence of Luisa Mazza, Marilena Vita and Christian Zanotto.

"Art offers a special means of contact and an exceptional opportunity of communication between artists and their audiences: in fact, this contact is characterised by producing impulse-laden connections. This connection bears the promise of establishing mental linkages between the artist and the audience. Such linkages actually broaden and open up both space and time.An artwork represents not only the history of the era of the piece of art in question but also the history of its creator. The genuineness, credibility, authenticity and uniqueness of such artworks lie in their capacity to embody and mediate content. These artworks make the invisible evident and are capable of presenting the intangible. They also bank on our imagination, which they concurrently tax when they invite their audience to understand the artworks in question. All artworks narrate the world that surround them in their own unique ways, through a single and exceptional approach and by way of an unparalleled set of means. And the purpose behind this is the same: to reveal the importance of the real and true nature of creation and to highlight the importance of understanding the artworks these pieces of art themselves embody.This constitutes the magic power of art!"

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The thirty Italian exhibiting artists are: Connie Bellantonio, Isabel Consigliere, Giacomo Costa, Pier Giorgio De Pinto, Alessio Delfino, Luigi Di Sarro, Sabina Feroci, Armando Fettolini, Michelangelo Galliani, Lory Ginedumont, Gian Luca Groppi, Pina Inferrera, Luca Lischetti, Federica Marangoni, Giancarlo Marcali, Luisa Mazza, Virginia Monteverde, Silvio Monti, Antonio Pedretti, Alex Pinna, Davide Ragazzi, Elettra Ranno, Marco Nereo Rotelli, Enzo Rovella, Sergio Sarri, Tedman&Strand, Francesco Vieri, Marilena Vita, Christian Zanotto, Corrado Zeni

Courtesy: Fondazione Rocco Guglielmo (Catanzaro), Guidi&Schoen (Genova), MAG (Como-Kioto), Red Stamp Art Gallery (Amsterdam), CE Contemporary (Milano), Vision QuesT 4rosso (Genova), Mact/Cact Contemporary Art – Ticino, (Bellinzona), Centro di Documentazione della Ricerca Artistica Contemporanea Luigi di Sarro (Roma), Robiland+Voena (Milano-Londra)



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